AustCast House Signs
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Step 01
  • Step 01

    This is a traditional signmaking method and has remained more or less unchanged for years.

    Step 1. The blank pattern plate (S2) with order.
  • Step 02
    Step 2. The emblem is glued into position.
  • Step 03
    Step 3. The lettering is glued into position.
  • Step 04
    Step 4. The completed pattern plate (OO2) is pressed into compressed sand at the foundry.
  • Step 05
    Step 5. The pattern is removed from the sand and the mould is ready for pouring.
  • Step 06
    Step 6. The molten aluminium is poured into the mould.
    (If you found our pages because you are looking for information on how to sand cast molten metal then please visit the great Aussie site My Home Foundry)
  • Step 07
    Step 7. (AA2) is removed from the sand mould.
  • Step 08
    Step 8. The sign (AA2 plate) has been powder-coated in Black before being painted.
  • Step 09
    Step 9. The letters and emblems are undercoated, painted and given a final gloss (OO1 plates).
  • Step 10
    Step 10. The finished signs (OO1 & AA2 plates).

Step 01